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One Stroke Classes : Class 3

One Stroke Floral Mastery.


Following on from Class 1 and Class 2, Class 3 concentrates on developing your mastery of painting one stroke flowers.

The third class aims to extend your one stroke painting ability even further. New techniques are introduced and you will learn to paint rose buds and roses. You will also begin to plan and develop more elaborate floral compositions.

Class 3 will show you how to paint :

  • Rose Buds
  • Full Roses
  • Shading Leaves
  • Rose Compositions

Towards the end of the class you will be able to complete your own project :

roses class 3 project

At the end of the class you will take away your finished project together with Tips and Fact sheet.

Class Duration : 2.5 hours

Prerequisites : Completion of Class 1 and Class 2

Cost : £30.00

You can register for Class 3 by contacting Olga by clicking here now.