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One Stroke Painting - Creative painting has never been so easy!

donna dewberry and olga at one stroke certificationOne stroke painting is a unique creative painting technique developed by Donna Dewberry. It's fast and very easy to learn because the technique allows you to blend, highlight and shade all in one stroke.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby or a creative way to make extra money, one stroke painting is the ideal choice. Once you master the basic onestroke techniques you will be amazed at the creative talent you will find inside yourself.

You can onestroke on almost anything - card, candles, glass, wood, plastic, metal, even furniture and walls... in fact the possibilities are endless. It's satisfying, fun and very easy. But be warned, one stroke painting is also very addictive!

In this web site you will find -

onestrokepainting about olga edwards osci Information about me and I became fascinated with this wonderful creative painting technique.
one stroke painting classes workshops and demonstrations Information about one stroke painting classes and demonstrations.
one stroke painting techniques and tutorials Online tutorials showing you the basic one stroke painting techniques.
onestrokepainting potfolio and gallery A portfolio of my own work which clearly shows just how versatile one stroke painting really is.
one stroke painting online shop and mailorder supplies One Stroke Shop Buy all your One Stroke / Folk Art paints, brushes, books, videos, teaching guides, etc online or by mail order.

So take a few moments to browse around. Let your creative juices flow and your imagination go wild!

Have fun

One Stroke Certified Instructor (OSCI)