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One Stroke Classes : Group Classes

Learn one stroke painting in small group classes at my home or yours.


Our group onestroke classes are deliberately kept small to ensure all students receive as much individual attention as possible. If you have a friend or two that also wants to learn one stroke painting, then Olga's small group classes offer the perfect solution.

Having herself learnt one stroke painting in group classes, Olga knows first-hand that to be effective group sizes should be kept small. This ensures that each member of the group receives as much individual attention as possible. With class sizes of 6, 8 or even 12 giving personal attention is just not possible. It is also true that as group size increases so does the chance of student progress becoming held up by disproportional tuition time being spent with slower learners.

As Olga says -

'It is not much fun for those who progress quickly to be held up by those who learn at a slower pace - the faster learners become frustrated and the slower learners begin to feel guilty about holding up the group. As the teacher I become torn between giving more time to those who need it and not abandoning those who want to progress at a quicker pace.'

For these reasons Olga prefers to restrict group classes to no more than 4 students. And prefers, where possible, to restrict groups to where students already know each other.

As Olga explains -

'Some students do feel apprehensive when learning with some else they don't know. Others love the idea of learning one stroke painting with a friend or two - it gives them and their friends a new hobby and craft they can share.'

Class Times and Dates

To provide her students with as much flexibility as possible, group classes are arranged to suit and can either be held either at Olga's home in Hyde or, for those unable to travel, in one of the student's own home.

Each class lasts for approximately 2.5 hours and includes -

          • tuition.
          • use of all paints and brushes.
          • painting surfaces.

Class Fees

Number of Students Fee per Student*
2 £25.00
3 £20.00
4 £17.50

* These fees include free travel to a student's home if within 10 miles of Hyde. If further away then Olga reserves the right to charge traveling expenses of 25p for each mile above 10 miles.

How to Book your Class

For further information or to book a class just contact Olga by clicking here now.