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One Stroke Painting Projects : Project 4

Project 4 : Card Making Ideas


one stroke greeting card finished project

You may use One Stroke Painting together with card making to create some superb greetings cards.

Materials Required :

  • 20cm x 15cm Card
  • Coloured Paper (Cream, Burnt Umber)
  • Paper with weathered, time-worn effect
  • Red Ribbon for bow
  • Happy Birthday Peel-off
  • Gold Dot Peel-offs
  • Sticky Dots

Brushes :

  • #12 Flat Brush
  • #10 Flat Brush

Acrylic Paints / Mediums :

  • Americana: Deep Burgundy
  • Folk Art: Skin Tone
  • Folk Art: Sunflower
  • Folk Art: Burnt Umber
  • Folk Art: Floating Medium

Double load the #12 Flat Brush with Burnt Umber and Sunflower. Begin and end on the chisel edge, pivoting the stroke to form a 'C' shape. Build the flower petals one at a time. Dot the centre with Burnt Umber using the tip of the brush. Follow the same steps to paint smaller flowers using the #10 Flat Brush.

5 petal leaf

Double load the #12 Flat Brush with Deep Burgundy and Skin Tone. Pick up some Floating Medium and work it in. Start painting on a chisel edge, push down on the bristles and wiggle in and out as you pivot on the Skin Tone edge. Finish on the chisel edge. Draw in the stem.

autumn heart shaped leaf

For a 3D effect, cut out individual leaves and layer them on the card using Sticky Dots.

Add your greeting and several gold dots.

Finish with a ribbon bow.

final arrangement of leaves


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