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I was walking along the High Street and popped into my local photographic shop to have a film developed. I noticed that they had a sale of photo albums and my mind started working - could I paint on those albums? Well I bought a couple to give it a try and guess what - one stroke did it again!

Just a few minutes painting, let dry and then a little spray sealer and these little beauties emerged -

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For good measure I bought some photo frames and painted on those as well - I thought what a nice idea to offer an album and matching frame - that way someone can safely store there photos and display their favourite in a matching frame.

That's the true magic of this craft - it's just so flexible you can paint on almost anything. If you see something on sale buy a sample and give it a try - you may be pleasantly surprised.

If you would like to know more about one stroke painting classes or one stroke painting in general then you will find details on this web site. Alternatively you can contact Olga by clicking here now.


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