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Greeting Card Gourmet

When I first learnt one stroke I began by making my own greetings cards. The card blanks are cheap to buy and so it doesn't matter if you spoil a few.

Once you get going you will find yourself producing card design after card design. Below you will see just a very small selection of the one stroke painted cards I have created -

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Greetings cards are a great way to start - they are very quick and easy to paint, plus they look much nicer and cost considerably less than shop bought cards.

The people who receive them really appreciate them. They believe you either paid a fortune for them or think it took you ages to paint them.

Well if I told them that you can buy blank cards together with envelopes and nice poly-bags to put them in for pence and each card takes just a few minutes to paint, they wouldn't believe me - they look too good!

Add your own 'hand painted' label and they look really professional. Well the people who come to the craft fairs think so - they buy them time and time again.

If you would like to know more about one stroke painting classes or one stroke painting in general then you will find details on this web site. Alternatively you can contact Olga by clicking here now.


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